Beheadings of Indian soldiers prove Pakistan Army still the main destabilising force in South Asia


Pakistan army's action demonstrates the reach and control of the deep state and how its reckless acts repeatedly imperil peace in the region and tar Pakistan as an international terror junction.

Despite its interventions spelling repeated setbacks for Pakistan, the army has been single-mindedly motivated by its aim of hobbling its larger neighbour's economic and political rise at all costs.

The strategic aims of the Pakistan army are not limited to a territorial dispute with India over Jammu & Kashmir as it looks to challenge India across several fronts as it sees economic clout inevitably translating into a wider military gap between the two countries.

The spike in tensions along the LoC are a useful means of deflating some of the Modi government's feel good post BJP's wins in important assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand and its success in legislating reforms like the Goods and Services Tax.
The conflict reminds domestic opinion in India and abroad that the country remains vulnerable to attacks in J&K+ even as violent protests, fuelled by radical elements, thwarts attempts to hold bye-elections in Kashmir.

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