PMUY Effect: LPG Coverage Increases From 20% To 43% In Odisha


LPG coverage has increased from 20% in June 2014 to 43% at present in terms of penetration when comparing active customers with calculated current households in Odisha, said G Swaminathan, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) chief LPG manager.

A total of 10,89,686 new connections have been issued to BPL women in the State after the launch of PMUY, Swaminathan said, adding that 1,73,276 LPG customers in the State have so far surrendered their LPG subsidy.

IOCL’s general manager Pritish Bharat said oil marketing companies in Odisha are in the process of appointing new LPG distributors to ensure the availability of at least one distributor in every corner of the State.

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