45 days into new session, CBSE yet to print class X English textbook


It has been nearly 45 days since the new academic session has started and yet textbooks published by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) are yet to be made available to the students.

On being asked by the ministry of human resource development (HRD), CBSE in February-March 2017 created a link to raise indents for NCERT books, but has apparently "failed" to respond to its own responsibilities.

According to CBSE sources the board is yet to complete the printing of the English literature textbook for class X. On the reason for the delay, a senior CBSE official said: "Printing was ordered on time. However, it had to be stopped in the first half of April as there were errors in the books. Changes were made in close to 140 pages of the book."

The delay got longer as the printing had to be stopped for the second time post the publication of close to 60,000 books. "As per the curriculum a chapter of the book had to be withdrawn. For which the printing was stopped and finally it is getting printed now," said the official.

Therefore, there will be two sets of books of English literature which will be in circulation - one with the chapter deleted and the other with the chapter. The print run for the book, according to sources, is closed to 5 lakh copies.

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