Randeep Hooda's new look costs him a bomb


While looking the part often makes the job easier for an actor, it can also jeopardise his other films and endorsements. Ask Randeep Hooda, who is bearing the brunt of his transformation. The actor is sporting a thick beard and moustache for his new film in which he plays a soldier. Since the film is taking a while on the production floor, he is losing out on a number of brand endorsements and some film offers as well. "My manager, family and all those around me get worried, which is understandable. 

Sometimes, it's hard to understand how to deal with it," concedes Randeep, adding, "In this case, everyone wants me to trim my beard and hair for an endorsement or a role since this film is taking time to get made. Life tempts you with a lot of money, which can bring about a sense of security to all around me."

Interestingly, this isn't the first time he has gone in for extreme transformation. He shed 18 kilos in four weeks for 'Sarbjit'. Ask if it's worth taking such a risk for a role, and the actor smiles, "I don't think there's a risk in looking the part at all. 

That's the least one can do. It's not something one consciously looks upon while deciding to do a part and committing a year or a year-and-a-half to it. Once that decision is taken and you start working on it, the changes come about." While he admits that it's "not the healthiest thing to do to your body," he sums it up saying, "I enjoy the process more than the result. The point is to make it worthwhile and not worry much about where it takes you."

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