Mahtab Eulogises Modi-Led BJP Govt On BJD’s 17th Anniversary


The parliamentarian, of late, has been in the eye of many storms for his writings in the editorial page.

 Lauding Modi- led government in Centre, Mahtab stated that the government has proved itself honest after completion of three years. The government had targeted 1.5 crore LPG gas connection in a year, but reached the kitchen of 225 crore families within this stipulated period. The important point is that no allegation of irregularities or misappropriation has been made anywhere. Even top officials in the government are free of any charge of corruption, he wrote.

The BJD,  has however, dubbed it as editorial freedom. He is an MP as well as an editor. He might have written something after analysysing any central schemes. So, we cannot ascertain his motives unless a discussion with him in this regard is held, BJD spokesman Pratap Deb said.

It is pertinent to mention here that another MP of the same party Tathagata Satpathy made statements yesterday which didn't go well with most members in the
party. But the BJD today tried to avoid commenting on the issue citing it as purely personal.

 He has every right to give his personal opinion in a meeting or a public forum. It is his personal view. I do not accept it, BJD spokesperson Surya Patro said.

The Dhenkanal MP had stated in his speech yesterday that the BJD lacks  a political vision to take on the BJP. We should clear our stand on BJP and it should come from the top authority. We should ensure that we will not go for any alliance with BJP neither pre nor post elections, Satpathy told the meeting.

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