BJP offered Rs 1 crore to switch sides, claims Hardik Patel's aide


New Delhi, Oct 23 : Narendra Patel, a close aide of Hardik Patel, has alleged that he was offered Rs 1 crore to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) during a press conference on Sunday late night in Ahmedabad.

The claims were made by Narendra Patel only a few hours after prominent BJP leaders of Gujarat announced his joining the saffron party on Sunday evening.

Narendra Patel in the press conference called Sunday late claimed that he was 'made to say' that he was joining the party after being offered Rs 1 crore.

He claimed that he was given an advance of Rs 10 lakhs.

'They have promised me to give Rs 90 lakhs on Monday,' said Narendra Patel.

Patel also claimed that the BJP made the offer via Varun Patel, another Patidar leader.

'Varun Patel offered the Rs 1 crore deal on behalf of BJP. He gave me Rs 10 lakh in advance. He told me that they will give me Rs 90 lakh rupees tomorrow,' added Narendra Patel.

He further said, 'If they give me the entire Reserve Bank of India they will not be able to buy me.'

He also displayed bundles of Rs 500 notes that he claimed were given to him as part of the deal.

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