BJP will oust BJD govt in next Polls, says Jual Oram


Bhubaneswar, Oct 23: A day after Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said so, Union Ministers Jual Oram and Prakash Javadekar on Sunday claimed that the BJP would oust the BJD Government in the next general elections.

Oram told reporters that Odisha would surely undergo a 'political Nabakalebar' post the elections as people of the State have made up their minds to vote for the BJP this time. The reason is the prolonged BJD Government is in efficient and corrupt, he maintained. 

For example, the police stations and the entire police force are used as BJD agents resulting in mass discontent, Oram alleged.

Like Pradhan, he said the political Nabakalebar would begin in Lord Jagannath's land Puri and envelop the whole State. The Nabakalebar might also start from his Sundargarh district's tribal deities' abode, he said.  

Oram added that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, being aware of his Government losing ground, is now on a whirlwind tour of the State to please the voters.

Javadekar, who visited the Buddhanagar slum on the day, also asserted that the BJP is growing fast at the cost of the BJD and would capture power in the next general elections. This is evident from the results of the last panchayat polls even in many coastal areas of the State, he said. 

In reaction, BJD Rajya Sabha member Pratap Keshari Deb remarked that the BJP leaders are getting 'increasingly arrogant'. The Central Ministers must, instead, get ready to reply to questions as to what the BJP-led Union Government has achieved for the country during its three years of rule.

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