Rescued leopard arrives in Nandankanan Zoo, kept in isolation ward


Bhubaneswar, Nov 1: The leopard which was trapped by forest department officials from Haladi village in Nuapada recently, arrived at Naandankanan zoo on Tuesday night. The animal has been kept in isolation ward of the zoo and is being looked after by veterinary experts, official sources said.

The leopard fell into the trap laid up by the forest department officials on Monday at Haladi village from where  another man-eater leopard was captured after it had killed a four-year-old at the same village on May 26. It was also received by the zoo and has been kept in a small enclosure inside the zoo.

Meanwhile, Nandankanan Zoo Deputy Director Jayant Das said the rescued female leopard aged about nine year was received tonight by the Zoo in good condition and kept under isolation ward of the Zoo under active observation of the Zoo doctors. He said the earlier leopard received from the Sunabeda Wildlife Division has been kept in a small enclosure inside the zoo and yet to be exhibited for the visitors. He said the two leopard captured by the forest officials from the village will not be allowed to be exhibited for the visitors in the Zoo.They will be kept in the captivity for some months as they were captured from the wild till they become more familiar to stay in the captivity.

The capture of the second leopard in Haldi village has caused panic among the villagers who are now spending sleepless nights apprehending that there might be more man eater leopard in the nearby forest. The panicked villagers are now moving in the village in group with lathis on their hand even during the day time. 

The Nuapada Divisional Forest Officer said it was for the second time a leopard has been captured from the village. He ruled out the possibility of the presence of any more leopard in the area. However, the forest officials have asked the villagers to take all precautions while venturing into the nearby forest. 

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