On Prathamastami celebration, people honour their eldest child

Bhubaneswar(Sabyasachi Amitav): Odisha remain soaked in the celebration of Prathamastami on Saturday, which is one of the most popular festivals of the state.
Celebrated on the eight day of Margasira month of Hindu calender, the ritual involves aarti of the eldest child called Poduan. Following this, the mother and the elderly wish for the long-life and good health of the children by praying Varuna (Kalash), Sasthi Devi, the Goddess who protects children, Lord Balabhadra and Sri Jagannath.
Kabita, a local, shares, 'We wait for these moments the entire year. I have specially taken an off today to perform the rituals. What is more enjoyable is the way the eldest child is pampered with new dresses, traditional food items that we have a craving for and in addition the puja where everyone adorns you.'
On this day, delicacies like Haldi Patra pitha, kheer made of rice and a traditional mixed vegetable curry are offered to the deities.
Sharing his excitement, another localite, Geeta says 'An Odia can never miss out on the Haldi Patra Pitha that the festival offers. This is the only occasion when you can savour Haldi Patra Pithas to the fullest, as this is the only season when you get those turmeric leaves.'

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