Pest menace: Agriculture input subsidy disbursement begins in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) Bishnupada Sethi today said that disbursement of agriculture input subsidy for farmers whose crops were affected by pests has begun in the State.

'Disbursement of agriculture input subsidy has already started in the State. District Collectors have been instructed to provide input subsidy to pest-affected farmers from State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) within seven days,' Sethi told reporters here today.

Meanwhile, the SRC has confirmed that farmers having cropped area under the ayacut of Lift irrigation (LI) projects are eligible for agriculture input subsidy in case of crop loss due to any approved disaster.

The SRC has written to district Collectors in this regard.

'It has come to the notice of the government that at the time of enumeration for payment of Agricultural input subsidy to the farmers affected by any approved disaster, such area are not being treated as irrigated area. As a result, the affected farmers are being debarred from getting the eligible agriculture input subsidy applicable to irrigated land,' said the SRC.

The SRC clarified that such area shall be treated as irrigated area for the purpose of payment of Agriculture input subsidy in case of crop loss due to any approved disaster.

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