Conjoined twins with single heart and liver born in Odisha


Cuttack: Conjoined twins, joined at the chest, were born to a couple in Nayagarh district of Odisha a week ago but they may not be as lucky as Jaga and Kalia of Kandhamal, who were joined at the head and were separated after a marathon surgery at the AIIMS in New Delhi.

The conjoined twins from Nayagarh are a rare case of abdomino-thoracopagus twins and were brought to the Sishu Bhavan here yesterday for treatment.

"The CT scan reports reveal that the babies share the same heart and liver," Sishu Bhavan superintendent Saroj Satapathy told reporters here.

He was also apprehensive that the single heart taht the conjoined twins share appeared to be defective.

"We have suggested for some more tests to draw a conclusive health status of the babies," Satapathy said adding that they are now in the ICU of the children's hospital.

The Kandhamal-born 29-month-old conjoined twins Jaga and Kalia were joined at their heads and as they had different brains their separation was possible.
Reports from Delhi said Jaga and Kalia are recuperating at AIIMS after their marathon 11 hour surgery in October. 

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