Now send budget suggestions to Odisha govt through e-mail, SMS

Bhubaneswar: As part of its pre-budget consultation, Odisha government has sought suggestions from public to be used as an input to prepare the annual Budget for 2018-19.

Suggestions can be sent by e-mail to the address odisha.Budget@gov.In, through Whatsapp, Telegram and SMS to the mobile number (+91) 9438161111.

This facility will be available from December 23, 2017 to January 10, 2018.
A person or organisation can also submit suggestion by visiting the webpage budget.Odisha.Gov.In/suggestions.

Members of the public, civil society organisation, advocacy groups and other stakeholders have been requested to make use of this opportunity to participate in the budget making process of the state government, a notification said.

Odisha's Finance Department has been holding Pre-Budget consultation with a cross section of the society. During the previous financial year, similar process was also undertaken to make budgetary procedure more open and participative using Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Finance Department had initiated the process of obtaining inputs for preparation of Annual Budget, 2016-17 through a separate web-portal budget.Odisha.Gov.In, through e-mail and SMS.

The portal displays all budget related documents. The option of submission of budget suggestion through Whatsapp and Telegram was added in the process of preparation of Annual Budget 2017-18. The notification said. -PTI

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