Trump plans to privatise International Space Station by 2025

New Delhi: The United State is planning to make the International Space Station venture that will be run by private industry, The Washington Post reported on Sunday.

The International Space Station or ISS is a low-orbit space station was developed jointly by the US space agency NASA and its Russian counterpart.

According to the paper obtained by the Washington Post, US will end funding for the costly program by 2025.

'It is possible that industry could continue to operate certain elements or capabilities of the ISS as part of a future commercial platform,' the paper said.

'NASA will expand international and commercial partnerships over the next seven years in order to ensure continued human access to and presence in low Earth orbit,' the document says.

The White House will seek market analyses and development plans from the private sector to ensure a smooth transition.

However, it would not be an easy task for the Trump administration and the move is expected to face severe opposition since the country has already spent around USD 100 billion to launch, operate and support the International Space Station.

The first section of the orbital station was launched in 1998. The station allows international crews to conduct scientific research in the environment of low Earth orbit.

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