BJP MLA threatens Allahabad SP for not recognising him

In a video that is doing round the internet, BJP MLA Harshvardhan Bajpayee threatened Superintended of Police (SP) Allahabad. BJP MLA threatened SP for not recognising him and stopped him to enter the premises where a meeting was being held by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. In the video BJP MLA is saying 'Tum laaton ke bhoot ho, Laaton se hi maante ho'. (You people understand the language of strict actions) angry BJP MLA after to SP Allahabad.

The BJP legislator got angry when the SP had allegedly failed to recognise and denied the entry. In the 15 second clip, Mr Bajpayee is scolded and talking rudely to the senior police officer just because he stopped him. Earlier, another legislator from Uttar Pradesh was caught on camera engaged in a verbal spat with a woman Indian Police Services (IPS) officer, Charu Nigam, leaving her teary eyed on the road. A huge controversy followed after the video of the whole incident went viral on social media.
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Radha Mohan Das Aggarwal from CM Adityanath's parliamentary constituency, Gorakhpur, on Sunday pulled up a woman for misbehaving and mishandling some people protesting against a liquor shop.
In cognizance to the matter, a police official claimed at that time, the minister was agitated because the officer had removed the protesting people from the streets, whom the minister had told to stay put till his arrival.
This incident that took place in the Kareemnagar area of Gorakhpur, UP where some locals took to the streets to mark their protest against the liquor shop in their area.
As the minister reached the spot, he was flooded by complaints from the locals over the unruly behaviour of the Circle Officer Charu Nigam. The protestors alleged that the officer had hit a woman and dragged an 80 year old woman.
Supporting the protestors, BJP MLA questioned her over regarding her actions against the protestors and told her that there had been orders by the state government that liquor shops will not function in densely populated residential areas. In the video that went viral, Charu is seen reaching out for her handkerchief and wiping tears after the exchange of words with the minister. 

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