Man Killed 4 Foot Rattlesnake. Then, Dead Snake's Severed Head Bit Him

A man from the United States was bitten by the severed head of a rattlesnake he had decapitated minutes earlier. According to reports, the man from Texas required 26 doses of anti venom after the snakebite. 
On May 27, Jennifer Sutcliffe was working in her garden when she saw a four foot rattlesnake hiding in the grass. Immediately, she called her husband who decapitated the snake with a shovel, according to A few minutes later, he bent down to pick up the snake and dispose it.
That's when the dead rattlesnake's severed head bit him.
"The head actually turned around and grabbed onto his hand. He had to rip it off," Ms Sutcliffe told Live Science reports that for venomous snakes like cobras and rattlesnakes, biting is one of the reflexes that can be triggered in the brain even hours after the reptile dies.
Because the head was severed from the body, the reptile is believed to have released an extremely large amount of deadly venom into her husband's hand. "Since there is no body, it released all its venom into him," Ms Sutcliffe told KIIITV. The venom took effect fast as the man started having seizures, lost his vision and even experienced internal bleeding. 
Ms Sutcliffe called 911 and her husband was airlifted from his home near Corpus Christi to hospital where he was treated with an anti-venom.
The man is now reportedly in stable condition.

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