Dr. Gaurav Nigam launches highly researched play school 'Intelligentsia' in New Delhi

New Delhi: Dr. Gaurav Nigam, a well-known educationist, paediatrician, and author has announced the launch of 'Intelligentsia' a highly researched play school.
The first of its kind school has been set up in Dwarka, New Delhi. Intelligentsia is all about scientific research and delivering early education through STEM approach. Dr. Gaurav Nigam has been advocating for implementing STEM education approach in education in the country particularly for early stage of education.
Dr. Gaurav Nigam along with his highly qualified team has been researching on the works of great educationists from around the world and derived certain conclusions, and those have been applied at intelligentsia. The team did a research on 50 great personalities such as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Sir Isaac Newton and had tracked down their childhood. They tried to study the environment that they got during their childhood and also the lifestyle that they used to have. The team at Intelligentsia believes that efforts should start at an early stage to make a child's development in a better way.
The school has many facilities to offer to the kids. A swimming pool for hydrotherapy which is stimulating for child's growth. Intelligentsia is among the first schools in Delhi to offer this facility at this level. Rendezvous a place for making kids better communicator. The school believes in not giving instructions to children, but they should be given what they want to do; and they do it in Rendezvous and teachers just supervise.
Communication is a very important tool and the school focuses immensely that every child should become a good communicator. Apart from these, the school is also offering additional facilities like Language lab, Math's lab, Theatres, and STEM lab.
"In our country, major chunk of our educational fund is dedicated to higher education, whereas the importance should be given to early age education as well. We are totally ignoring the important aspect of early education age and not been able to create a generation of geniuses. At intelligentsia we focus on learning by doing. Children are learners by themselves. We just have to encourage them and not stopping them," said Dr. Gaurav Nigam.
"At intelligentsia we engage children in learning through all the five senses. So when a child is taught about 'A', he is introduced to phonetics of 'A'. He's given an 'Apple' which he feels it, smells it, smashes it and even eats it. We also offer activities on robotics which is not much common at their age. But this is a good way to implement STEM education at this level," added Dr. Gaurav Nigam.

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