Woman Falls Asleep After Party, Dog Saves Her From Assault

A dog is certainly a woman's best friends when there are people at parties who behave like this man did. A reditt user had posted a story about how she took her dog along with her to friends house where she would be hanging out with her girl friends for some dinner and wine.
Reddit UserThing did get crazy pretty quickly last night and her boyfriend invited his friends over after dinner. It wasn't a big deal, we all had a merry time drinking, playing games etc. I don't remember going to bed, I just remember being in the guest room with my pants off falling asleep, just me and my dog."
That's when a man who was her friend's boyfriend walked into the room and tried to get into bed with her. Despite repeatedly being told to get out, he persisted. This is when her dog " Lost it. Barking, snarling and showing teeth.'' And what was the effect on the intruder who would have otherwise turned assaulter?
Reditt userHe got out of there quick and I fell asleep
 It is said that the girl's dog stayed up all night to make sure she was safe. What a good dog.
Reddit user"I can't help but feel like she saved me last night. I don't think she slept a wink because when I came home this morning she went directly to bed and has slept since we got home. She'll be getting lots of love and treats today."

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