The Jumla party harps on falsehood to influence Odisha people: BJD

Bhubaneswar: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is now being dubbed as the 'Bharatiya Jumla Party' all over the country by giving false promises to people.Addressing a press conference on Sunday, BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra said that BJP had tried its best in 2014 to influence the public opinion in Odisha by constantly harping on false promises, but it failed miserably.

Patra said it embarked on a series of disinformation campaign to achieve the end, but it poorly failed in its bid to do so.The saffron party is again going to undertake such a mission to hijack the public opinion of the state by taking refuge in falsehood and blatant lies, the spokesperson said. They have again whipped the sentiments of the people of Odisha by resorting to the jumla to achieve the target, he added.The BJP and its leadership have been dwelling up different issues like unemployment and basic amenities like housing, land and potable water in the state of Odisha to draw political mileage.But, the BJD leaders described this act of the saffron party as Jumla and said such machinations will not be helpful for them to earn the goodwill of the people of Odisha.
The BJD enlisted the following on which the Jumla party is trying to earn the goodwill of the electorate of Odisha in the ensuing general elections.Despite negligence by the Centre, Odisha is making rapid strides in different sectors during the past five years. The Odisha government has provided 20 lakh houses to poor people during the five years. Homestead lands have been provided to 1.2 lakh beneficiaries under the Vasundhara scheme.
This is a marvellous achievement by the government of Odisha led by Chief Minister and BJD supremo Naveen Patnaik. The slum dwellers will be provided with 30000 land deeds soon. This apart four lakh land deeds have been provided to forest dwellers under the Forest Rights Act.More than two crore people have been benefited by drinking water projects initiated in46,466 villages in the state. Over four lakh bore wells have been dug in the state for such purpose. The urban areas are not lagging on this score. Efforts are on to provide drinking water projects in the urban areas soon where there is a shortage of potable water.

In the past ten years, the Odisha government has earned laurels by providing road connectivity to 41000 villages. The other achievements of the Odisha government are as follows: Over nine lakh youths have become self-sufficient after being provided with skill development training. The government has tried its best to take out nearly 25 per cent of the population from below the poverty line to upper strata for their all-round economic development. In this case, the BJD dispensation led by Naveen Patnaik has become a role model for all other states in the country.
The BJD leaders, in the press conference, were hopeful that the people of Odisha will give a befitting reply to the Jumla party in the coming elections which harps on falsehood. They said by shouting at top of their voice that 'Acche din' will dawn up the country as well as Odisha, the saffron party leaders are trying to play with the feelings of the people of the state.The BJD leaders warned the people of Odisha not to be swayed away by such gimmicks which do not have any basis. These are meant to take the people of Odisha for a ride, the BJD leaders said.The presser was attended by the general secretary of BJD Sanjay Kumar Das Burma, secretary general of Biju Krushak Janata Dal, Pratap Jena, state general secretary Bijay Nayak and BJD Spokesperson Sasmit Patra.

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