Man builds homemade plane then uses road as runway to take off as hundreds watch in delight

A man who was arrested by police in Pakistan for testing a homemade 'flying machine' in front of a crowd of 500 without the approval of aviation authorities has asked to have the confiscated aircraft returned to him.Muhammad Fayaz, a popcorn seller and part-time security guard, said he was inspired to make the aeroplane after watching the National Geographic series Air Crash Investigation, and had sold a field, used his savings and taken out a bank loan to pay for it.

The 92kg craft cost him a total of Rs50,000 (270) to make and he claims it can fly to 1,000 feet.Mr. Fayaz told reporters he had been told to contact Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to gain permission for his test flight, but he did not do so.'Owing to my limited resources, I was unable to contact the civil aviation officials and finally decided to take test flights without getting permission,' he told Pakistan's

In a conflicting report, he apparently told journalists he had in fact told the CAA about his plans, but had not received a response.'I made the aircraft with my hard work. My plane can fly till 1,000 feet. Give me one chance so that I can prove that I am a patriotic Pakistani. I informed every department but no one responded me,' Mr. Fayyaz said, according to Pakistan Today.
With a crowd of 500 watching, he reportedly used a length of road free from telegraph poles as the runway for his maiden flight and 'took several rounds in the air'.He also asked the government to help him get his plane back. 

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