Kitten survives 40-mile car journey trapped under bonnet

A kitten has survived a 40-mile journey after hiding under the bonnet of a neighbor's car and getting trapped.One-year-old tabby Chi, from Brighton, East Sussex, is now on the road to recovery after undergoing emergency treatment for life-threatening injuries.

Chi's owner, Kaylie Banks, 30, said her neighbor had become aware of the stowaway as he was driving home and heard "noises coming from the engine".She said: "I returned home from work and Chi was nowhere to be seen."After turning the house upside down, I began knocking on my neighbors' doors. No one had seen her and I was beginning to get worried."One of my neighbors then approached me to say he had found Chi trapped under the bonnet of his car."She was very stressed and he had to take the grill off the front of the car to get her out."

Chi was treated at the Brighton pet hospital run by the PDSA charity and was given pain relief while her wounds were checked before undergoing an operation for burns to her body.PDSA student vet nurse Sadie Reece said: "Chi's wounds needed to be cleaned and repaired under anesthetic. There was a large amount of dead tissue that needed to be removed."The operation was a success and we were able to clean and stitch the healthy tissue back together."

A PDSA spokeswoman said: "After recovering from the procedure, Chi was able to go home, complete with a 'buster' collar to protect her injuries."Chi was also given antibiotics to treat infection and anti-inflammatory medication to help ensure she was pain-free while recovering."Chi's wounds are now healing well and she is expected to make a full recovery, thanks to the expert care she received."

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