Actress took away the wrongdoing of the driver, was abducted

Once again there has been controversy regarding the safety of women in Kolkata. This time, this question has been raised, Swastika Dutta, a famous Bengali actress who accused the Uber Cab driver of being mistreated.
According to Swastika Dutta, the incident is on Wednesday morning, when she was going to the set for shooting at her picnic garden house. Actress said that on the way, he was threatened with driver by driver, pushed and dropped off from the cab.

Dutta said, "Instead of turning right from the VIP Market to the Ruby Hospital, he started moving towards Science City and started telling me that he has canceled the trip and I can settle the matter by going to the police posted on the crossing. When I protested, the vehicle started moving forward and started talking to me by 'you'. Datta told that when his father arrived after receiving his call, the driver also started chattering with him.
Swastika Dutta shared his experience with Facebook and informed about the whole incident. Actress also shared the full details of the cab with the driver's picture. Calcutta Police took action after considering their Facebook post as complaining. Within a few hours of the incident, the cab driver was arrested.

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