Pakistan opens airfield for Indian aircraft, after Balakot operation

After the Balakot operation, India canceled the flight of all its planes, thereby obstructing the service of all the aircraft passing through the Pakistani border. This caused huge loss to all the companies from India to Europe and other western countries. Because commercial airlines used to travel to Europe using the Bombay Airspace.

But now once again Pakistan has opened air for the Indian carriers. Whose information was made by the Civil Aviation Ministry Twitter He said, "After the cancellation of NOTMS by Pakistan and India on Tuesday, there is no restriction on the airspace of the two countries, the flights have started using nearby air routes, which has given special relief to the airlines."

After that, Pakistani officials have also announced to reopen the civilian flights completely to the country's airspace on Tuesday. About five months after military tension with India, the announcement to open the aerospace has been announced.

According to Airman, "With immediate effect, Pakistan airspace is open on public ATS (Air Traffic Service) routes for all types of civilian travel."Let us tell you that earlier even Pakistan had partially opened its airfield in March, but it was closed for flights operated from India.

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