Whether Pakistan is showing off the show, once again the mastermind of the Mumbai attack Hafiz Saeed arrested

Noida: It is said that the world is talking about the world, from the powerful America to Bahubali China, India has considered the iron, Pakistan can not afford to breathe, the Sena is stuck in the halo. Neither terrorists are required to take action, the show is the same, but under pressure from Pakistan, Pakistan seems to be doing something.

Mind Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the world's dreaded terrorist and the Mumbai attack mastermind, has been taken into custody once again. Pakistan has claimed that Jamat-ud-Dawa head Hafeez was sent to jail while taking action against terrorism, but Pakistan's action can not be trusted very much because Hafeez has already done a drama for taking action, But effective action against him has never been raised.
Let us tell you that the ransom of Pakistan is getting enchanted. The Financial Action Task Force's sword is also hanging on Pakistan who is struggling with financial crisis. Pakistan is threatening to be blacklisted. Therefore, while not wanting Pakistan, it is compelled to make an outcry against the self-styled terrorists.

Let us say that Hafiz Saeed has roused tears of blood to many countries of the world including India. He is the master of many terror attacks on the general public and security forces in India, including the Mumbai attacks on November 26, 2008, against whom the Indian government has given many evidence. Terrorist Pakistan has been ignoring the evidence and the dossier of India and has been using terrorists for the sake of terrorism. This love of Pakistan is for the terrorist who has been declared a Global Terrorist by the United Nations, as well as the United States has given a huge reward.

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