This afternoon,at 2.43 pm ISRO'second launch attemp for chandryaan 2 , these 15 minutes is the toughest moment

Today is a very special day for India. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is a few hours away from creating history in space. The 'Bahubali' rocket carrying  ISRO's ambitious mission Chandrayaan-2 will fly from  Space Center at 2:30 pm. For this, countdown has started on Sunday evening at six o'clock 43 minutes. Sivan of ISRO chief said that Chandrayaan-2's landing will be the most important 15 minutes of Akhiri, when Lander Vikrama will be landing on the moon surface. He said that the mission will be fully successful and will be successful in finding new things on the Moon.

To see the launch, thousands of people from all over the country are reaching Shriharikota. According to ISRO officials, a total of 7,500 people have registered online to see the launch of the rocket. ISRO has recently allowed the general public to see the launch. ISRO has created a gallery with capacity of about 10,000 people for the people.ISRO has given its most powerful Rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle - Mark 3 (GSLV-MK3) to bring Chandrayaan-II to Earth orbit. This rocket has been named 'Bahubali' from the local media. The cost of 640 tonne weighing rocket is Rs 375 crores.

This rocket will fly to Chandrayaan-2, which weighs 3.8 tonnes. The total cost of Chandrayaan-2 is Rs 603 crores. While completing the journey at different stages, the vessel will land at the fixed place of the Southern Pole of the Moon on September 7. Till now, only three countries of the world, the United States, Russia and China have launched their own vehicle. India launched Chandrayaan-1 in 2008. This was an orbiter campaign. Orbiter had made a round of the moon for 10 months. The credit for finding water on the moon goes to this campaign of India.

It is believed to be ISRO's toughest campaign. On the last day of the journey, when the lander's lander along with the rover will land on the moon surface, that time will not be less than any exam for Indian scientists. ISRO chairman himself Sivan has called it the most difficult 15 minutes. The significance of this campaign can also be understood from the fact that the American space agency NASA has also levied its payload with it.

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