Meals In Exchange Of Plastic Waste

Raipur :
The idea behind this cafe is two-fold. First one is - this could help clean up some of the plastic waste that has been adding up for years. Second one is - this would mean providing food to those who cannot afford it. There have been trends in recent times when people were given free food for showing the indelible ink mark on their index fingers, but never has there been a time when a cafe provided food in exchange of plastic waste.
The Garbage Cafe in Chattisgarh's Ambikapur has declared it would give people free meals in exchange of plastic waste.

One can get a full meal for 1 kg of plastic waste and a half meal or a breakfast meal for 500 grams of plastic waste. 

This initiative comes in the wake of the Government of India's continued emphasis on the 'Swachh Bharat' mission.

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