One step further, NASA will send the first woman to the moon, later to the man

The world is celebrating this year's 50th anniversary of human stepping on the moon. In view of this, American space agency NASA said that it is ready to achieve bigger achievement once again in this direction under another program.Under the program, the first woman and then the male will be brought to the surface of the moon. This program has been named 'Artemis', which is considered as Apollo twin sisters. It is also the name of Goddess of the moon and the hunt (hunting). If the agency believes that its space program Artemis will play an important role in its Mars mission.

NASA said in a statement, "Our way on Mars will make Artemis. The new Artemis mission will set its way by taking bold adventure from the Apollo program." Astronauts will explore those areas of the Moon, where no one has ever been before. They will also open the mysteries of the universe and test the technology that will extend the boundaries of human beings in the solar system."On the surface of the moon, we will explore water, ice and other natural resources, so that in the future, possible journey of space and further into the future, the next great achievement of mankind will be Mars."

The return of astronauts to the moon will be in the year 2024. The program will cost approximately $ 30 billion. At the same time, the price of the space flight Apollo-11 will be nearly the same.The cost of the Apollo program, ending in 1961 by the U.S. in 1972, was $ 25 billion. Under the Apollo 11 mission, two astronauts landed on the surface of the moon 50 years ago. At that time the cost was $ 6 billion, which is currently worth 30 billion dollars.The main difference between the Apollo program and Artemis is that before the mere presence of the moon was recorded, only then there would be a permanent human presence.

In this program, an unmanned mission will work around the Moon in 2020. While two years after the moon will be revolving under a manned mission.The next moon missions will be transported into space by the Space Launch System. The rocket is being developed by NASA and Boeing, which will be the biggest rocket after completion. According to NASA's plans, five missions between 2022 and 2024 will be run by private companies.

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