'Technology and creativity needs to go hand in hand'

New Delhi: Since the emergence of technology. the creative and the digital sectors have been viewed separately among those who enjoy art and a few who are tech-savy. 

But the future of India lies somewhere in between, says Or Amit Nagpal. President of Bloggers Alliance, an organisation established to promote creativity among the digital generation. 

"In India. we emphasise on nurturing technologically smart people, therefore less stress is laid upon contributing towards increasing artism and creativity in individuals. Whereas I believe both technology and creativity needs to go hand in hand because digitalisation is providing a platform to everyone including the artists, now popularly known as bloggers: said Dr Nagpal. 

Provoked by the statement of Apple co-founder. Steve Wozniak that "Indians lack creativity" during his India visit in 2018, Dr Nagpal started the organisation with the motive of helping the artists with a platform where they groom themselves. 

"From a while. I was blogging just for my satisfaction. But when I received enlightenment about how easily I can inspire the world around me with my creativity, it was then when my passion changed into a booming profession: said a food blogger. Sonali Sachdeva.

Even though more and more people are inclining towards blogging, they still are lacking proper guidance and recognition. Moreover. theyre still unaware of an important facet of this field - monetisation. 

"Being an influencer is powerful. but lacking the knowledge of earning through this profession is one of the reasons why people dont take blogging seriously" said a lifestyle blogger, Sneha Sharma.

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