New Report on Sunanda Pushkar's Death Also Inconclusive, Say Delhi Police

New Delhi, Oct 10:  The Delhi Police today said a new report that says Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor, wife of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, died of poisoning, is inconclusive.

The report, by a panel of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) doctors, is believed to have concluded that her kidney, liver and heart were functioning normally and that her death was caused by poisoning.

"The forensic evidence available is not yet conclusive. When we get conclusive report we will share it," Delhi Police chief BS Bassi said.

Sources say the AIIMS team has listed poisonous substances that cannot be easily detected through a forensic exam and has asked for more tests. It has also asked for a number of documents and details of circumstantial evidence from the police for a "more detailed understanding of what might have happened."

52-year-old Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in a hotel room on January 18, days after a spat on social media with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar, involving her husband, then union minister in the Congress-led government. 

Medical reports on how she died have been conflicting, and according to the police, inconclusive.

The police asked AIIMS for a second opinion after a report in March by the Central Forensic Science Laboratory based on her viscera examination hinted at drugs. The autopsy report had said she died of poisoning. Doctors who handled her post-mortem had described her death as "sudden and unnatural".

Sources say the police could go back to the forensic lab for another opinion.

Sunanda Pushkar's cousin Ashok Kumar said there should be a CBI investigation into her death. "We want justice. We demand that the CBI properly investigate in this case," he said.

In July, Mr Tharoor, who has been targeted by political rivals over the unexplained death, urged a faster probe. "I reiterate my request to bring this protracted inquiry to a clear and definitive conclusion at the earliest, so as to put all speculation to rest," he said, responding to the allegation of an AIIMS doctor that there was pressure from the previous government to show Sunanda Pushkar's death as natural.