Voting underway for Maharashtra, Haryana Assembly Polls


Mumbai, Oct 15: Voting began with lakhs of crowds standing in que in the polling stations of both Maharashtra and Haryana. The assembly elections in two states could be seen as a major test of the BJP after the Lok Sabha polls.

It can be noticed that large number of people were not seen in the morning hour outside the polling stations as 14.8% turnout in Haryana, 10% in Maharashtra were recorded till 10:30 am.

However, more people are expected to come for vote after 1.00 pm. Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the people of Haryana and

Maharashtra to go out and cast their votes. He appealed the youngsters on microblogging site Twitter to show the way and ensure record turnout. The polls in two states are the real test to know Modi impact on the people of Maharashtra and Haryana as Modi campaigned extensively for his party in the polls and held a record number of rallies any Prime Minister had addressed for any state election.

The celebrities and political bigwigs cast their votes and urged people to cast votes to elect their representatives for the states. Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar cast his vote and urged people to come out and exercise their right to vote.

BJP leaders expressed confidence in winning a majority in Maharashtra. I&B Minister Javadekar called the polls as Dhoom 2 after Loka Sabha elections as people are voting for good governance and decisive government which Modi has offered.

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