No Chinese Fireworks for Customers this Diwali


Ludhiana, Oct. 18 (ANI): Indian fireworks manufacturers have reason to rejoice this Diwali as the government is reportedly enforcing guidelines of the Explosives Act, 2008, which makes possession and sale of foreign-made explosives a punishable act.

As a result, fancy Chinese fireworks will not be up for grabs for customers this Diwali .

Confirming the enforcement of Act a police official said, "Local police has been instructed to conduct investigation against any retailer who violates the rules."

Praising the government's decision, a shopkeeper said, "It is an admirable step taken by the government. Chinese crackers only increase air pollution."

However, other retailers said that it will not impact the market much as the Chinese fireworks are not in high demand here.

Sanjay Kumar, president of firework association told ANI, "Sale of Chinese fireworks are less in Ludhiana as compared to Delhi. It has bad smell so its market is low."

The market is now also seeing some Eco-friendly crackers which do not contribute in increasing air pollution.

A Ludhiana based-shopkeeper said, "These eco-friendly crackers do not emit smoke or leave out papers after bursting."

Under a 1992 notification, the manufacture, possession, use, sale, etc. of any explosive containing sulphur or sulphurate in admixture with any chlorate is banned in the country. (ANI)

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