Bring Priyanka save Congress Slogans erupt after Congress Rout


New Delhi, Oct 19: "Priyanka Lao Desh Bachao" slogans erupted outside the Congress headquarter in New Delhi with hundreds of Congress workers gathered demanding to bring Priyanka Vadra into the party after the rout in the Haryana and Maharashtra assembly elections on Sunday.

The Congress workers staged a protest outside the party office appealing to the party vice president Rahul Gandhi to bring his sister into politics to save the party. They were holding the posters which read "Priyanka lao Congress bachao' (Bring Priyanka save Congress)". The protestors demanded that Priyanka should enter into active politics and support her brother Rahul.

"All Congress workers today appeal to Rahul Gandhi that he should take the initiative of bringing Priyanka Gandhi into politics. It's important to get her into politics so that she can support Rahul and refrain Prime Minister Narendra Modi from turning his dream of a Congress free India into reality," said a Congress worker outside party office.

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