Varanasi Weavers rejoice as Power Looms promise boost to Sari Business

Varanasi, Oct 20 (ANI): Weavers are hopeful that the introduction of power looms will give a boost to the famed sari industry in Varanasi.

Varanasi is famous for its hand woven silk saris the world over. But the new generation of weavers finds it tedious to carry on with the traditional weaving as the job calls for a lot of manual labour.

The community of these weavers also faces difficulties countering imitation against artistic honesty.

With the invention of the power loom, the drape seems to have a bright future now.

"This work does not require physical effort, but a lot of mental work and creativity is required, as there is plenty of scope for creation. There is no mess. Plus, for the conventional loom, one requires a ground floor working area only. If you don't have a ground floor, you cannot operate a loom but this (power loom), can be placed on the first floor, second floor and even on the terrace after covering the terrace with a tin shed. This does not require a ground floor only," said the designer of the power loom, Abdul Rahim.

Traders expressed elation over the introduction of the power loom.

"If we see in today's context, I would say that it is inhuman the way the weavers have to struggle with a conventional loom. So, we thought that we should get rid of that. We kept discussing that something different should be developed which will free us all from such hardship while weaving," said a trader, Shyam Sunder Jaiswal.

Jaiswal expressed the hope that after seeing the effectiveness of the power loom in preserving the rich and traditional handicraft of the town, Prime Minister Modi would extend them all possible support.

"After his nomination, he had written a blog in which he said that he would technically develop the looms of Varanasi. I think this is a very successful step towards that vision, and now, it is up to Modi to take it to the masses," said Jaiswal.

India is the second largest producer of silk in the world and employs a large number of skilled and unskilled workers. Varanasi is one of the richest weaving centres, famous for its brocade, saris and dress materials. (ANI)

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