Black Money: SC pulls up Centre, orders to give Complete List


New Delhi, Oct 28: In another development, the Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the Centre to reveal all the names of black money account holders in foreign banks. While hearing the black money case, the apex court pulled up the government for seeking modification of its order on disclosing names of account holders in foreign banks.

New regime at Centre can't ask modification of order when it was passed in an open court and accepted by the government, the apex court said.

This is the another blow to the central government by the apex court on Tuesday after it slammed for making delay in taking decision on the formation of government in Delhi.

The order comes a day after the government revealed only 3 names of black money acount holders who had allegedly stashing black money in foreign banks.

However, the government came under severe criticism both from within and the Opposition for being 'selective' in revealing the names.

The Supreme Court also questioned the government why it was providing protective umbrella to foreign bank account holders.

The government in an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court had named Pradip Burman (former director, Dabur India Limited), Pankaj Chimanlal Lodhiya (Rajkot-based bullion trader) and Radha S Timblo (Timblo Private Limited).

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