Membership Drive of BJP begins, aims to Enroll 50 Lakh


New Delhi, Nov 01: The mega membership drive of the ruling party BJP began with its launch by prime minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressing the party workers in the national capital. The drive aims to enroll at least 50 lakh new members from all the regions and states in the party.

Addressing the party workers, Modi said, "Earlier I used to be a member from Gujarat, this time it will be from Delhi. And it is honour for me to launch this mega membership drive".

Talking about the need for the drive, Modi said that Country's political scenario is changing. "Good leadership is essential. Nation expects political parties/workers/leaders to play an important role. We should invite universities to research on its membership drive and how it reaches to everyone in the country", he said at the launch of the BJP membership drive this evening,

He said, "Our country is full of diversities and this diversity should also be visible in the BJP", adding "People from all sections of society should feel they have a representative in BJP".

While the Centre is talking about Digital India but here we are launching Digital BJP, aiming to join the party with large numbers to work for the society. The party released a toll-free number to be online member and it is PM Modi, who registered as the first online member of the party.

Modi hoped that there should be correct information flow and from top to bottom there should be correct guidance from bottom to top in the party.

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