Village to adopt MP Under "MP Model Village Scheme", says Modi


Jayapur, Nov 07: Under the "Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana" scheme, it is not the MP who will adopt a village but vice versa, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a huge crowd at Jayapur village, Modi's proposed model village, 24 km away from the ancient temple town of Varanasi.

Modi, who is best lauded for his style of speech, impressed the spectators and villagers saying, "I have not adopted Jayapur, I have come with a request for you to adopt me".

"If a relationship begins in times of crisis, it proves to be a lifelong relationship. Jayapur took special place in my heart long time ago. All other tales being told are false. I myself did not know about them", he said.

Addressing the speech he said that the Indian government has decided to adopt a village but he got surprised to see the media reports that why he is going to adopt a village. "I have been reading such imaginary stories about why have I chosen Jayapur village for adoption. I am amazed to know how "fertile" brain some people have", adding "I can not understand problems of a village from bureaucrats, but from villagers. The elders of Jayapur should apprise their MP of how to develop the village".

He sought commitments from people to follow the basic things or rules to be healthy and make their environment pollution free to build a model village that would come with schools, colleges, employment facilities and so on, raising the female foeticide issue. He said that Jayapur village should celebrate the birth of a baby girl. There should not be any gender differences and all should be given equal opportunities to grow.

He said Rural development will take place not with the help of money but through the power of the people and it is important to implement Centre's "Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana" project properly.

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