ISIS Leader Baghdadi wounded or Dead: Iraqi Officials

Baghdad, Nov 10: There are have been reports that the chief of Islamic State group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is either dead or injured. Even the Iraqi officials reported that the ISIS leader was wounded or dead in an airstrike in western Anbar province.

However, the Pentagon officials denied the report saying, they had no immediate information on such an attack or on the militant leader being injured.

Iraqi Defense and Interior ministries both issued statements saying Baghdadi had been wounded, without elaborating, and the news was broadcast on state-run television Sunday night.

Iraqi Defense Minister said on Facebook that Baghdadi's deputy was killed and that the self-described Khalifa was injured in the attack.

The reports came at a time when President Barack Obama said the US-led coalition was in a position to start going on the offensive against the Islamic State militants.

However, nothing is confirmed yet till Washington says whether he is wounded or dead. No one knows exactly where he is living, where he came from, why he chose to lead the Islamic State.

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