Sena to vote against BJP, withdraws Candidate for Speaker


Mumbai, Nov 12: Since there is no ties between BJP and Shiv Sena in Maharashtra for several reasons, the latter has vowed to vote against the BJP, the single majority party in the recent elections in the state. However, NCP has decided to vote in favour of the BJP government in Maharashtra Assembly.

Addressing the media today, Shiv Sena leader Ramdas Kadam said that his party will vote against Devendra Fadnavis government when it seeks a trust vote in the Maharashtra Assembly.

However, NCP general secretary and spokesperson DP Tripathi said that his party wanted to ensure a stable BJP government in Maharashtra.

Earlier, BJP's estranged ally had made it clear that it will sit in opposition in the House, but would never be the part of the government.

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena and Congress made exit from giving candidates for the Speaker post, which is now likely to go to BJP's hand.

However, BJP looks confident that it will prove the majority in the House. BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao said that Devendra Fadnavis government in Maharashtra will prove its majority on floor. "We welcome anyone who will help us in development of the state", says Rao, adding "the BJP will not take anyone's support with a condition. BJP's candidate Haribhau Bagde will be elected as Speaker in Maharashtra assembly unanimously.

There are reports coming from the state that Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has decided to support BJP's Haribhau Bagde for the Speaker post.

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