Odisha: Mid-day meals continue to be cooked in unhygienic conditions


Cuttack, Nov 15: In Odisha, there are 73,000 schools where mid-day meals are provided to students everyday. The government spends around Rs 800 crore per year on these mid-day meals. Per student per meal, the amount spent is a little over Rs 4. But what is more important to know, is under what conditions, and how safely, is this food prepared.

"There is no kitchen as such, the food is prepared in the verandah," says Bharasarani Bhattacharya of Kuda Sevashram.

The staff and the teachers say that they have spotted lizards and even poisonous snakes in the school premises several times. But the government doesn't seem bothered by this situation, even though school authorities have registered complaint many a times.

"We have written many letters to officials highlighting our problems, but no avail," adds Bhattacharya.

By the lax attitude of the state, it seems the authorities are waiting for a tragedy to happen.

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