Odias prefer 'Enduri Pitha' on 'Prathamashtami'


Bhubaneswar, Nov 15: 'Enduri Pitha' a traditional delicacy of Orissa to showcase the medicinal properties of turmeric plant was prepared in most Oriya households on Saturday to mark the celebration of 'Prathamashtami'.

This ritualistic festival is celebrated in traditional Hindu Oriya households to pray for long life of the first borns in a family. But this festival is traditionally attached to the 'Enduri Pitha'.

Turmeric leaves are basic ingredients of this traditional delicacy. The rituals of this festival are incomplete without this delicacy. Large quantity of turmeric leaves from Kandhamal district are sent throughout the State to be used for the preparation of this delicacy.

So, demand for turmeric leaves increase just before this festival. This year each turmeric leaf was sold for one rupee in the city. 'Enduri Pitha' is prepared from batter of skin less black gram and rice. This batter is steamed within moulds prepared from turmeric leaves.

This delicacy is slightly similar to the idly in preparation. But it is elongated in shape and has the sweet stuffing. Added to it, the use of turmeric leaf makes it unique.

The unique aroma of turmeric leaves becomes part of this delicacy. The extracts from the turmeric leaves which have medicinal value is eaten along with the 'Enduri Pitha'.

According to Ayurvedic physician, eating of extract of turmeric leaves through this traditional method at the onset of winter helps in strengthening immune system. It also helps children and adults fight against worms, and different infections that are common during winter months.

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