Rampal - Godman or Conman who led Lavish Lifestyle at Ashram

Hisar, Nov 21: With the arrest of controversial Godman Rampal on several charges, his real face and illegal activities inside Satlok ashram have been exposed. Police during the search have found illegal arms and ammunition that is sufficient for a mini-war against the state.

According to a Times of India report, police found .32 bore revolvers, .315 bore rifles,12 bore guns, and rounds of ammunition for 7.62mm rifles which are prohibited for private individuals even if they possess a firearm license inside his ashram.

They also found Bags of arms and ammunition under an elevated marble throne-like seat on which Rampal was sitting and addressing the crowd.

Also found inside the ashram were water guns (pichkaris) used during Holi celebrations that were  filled with petrol plus buckets of a pungent acid-like liquid filled in packets and glass bottles similar, thrown at police during a two-week standoff at the ashram in Hisar.

Besides the ammunition, the 12-acre ashram could house at least 50,000 supporters at any given time and for 3 months.

"Outside alone, we inventoried 58 sacks of rice, wheat and pulses. There are two storerooms we have not entered yet, and over 30 vats for food, some with fresh khichdi and kheer," a police officer told The Indian Express. Locals had earlier told reporters that Rampal was bathing in milk daily and the milk was then used to make kheer that would be distributed to devotees at the ashram.

The satsang area, where devotees were spending days together, had designated areas marked for women and men. It was also fitted with at least 10,000 fans, over a thousand ventilators besides several air-conditioners. The ashram was fitted with at least six power generators. Besides the mattresses and pillows found in the sitting area, authorities found thousands more stocked up to accommodate even more devotees.

The ashram also had an in-built polytechnic clinic fitted with x-ray machinery as well as facilities to conduct operations. Whether they were qualified doctors and surgeons to conduct such operations was not yet known.

His residence was a 4-storey complex with 24 air-conditioned rooms that had state-of-the-art elevators leading to them. His palace-like residence also had a swimming pool with a special changing area. Each of 24 rooms that had luxurious fittings, also had an attached bath as well as a safe, which the police were trying to break into. Hindustan Times reports that "one of the rooms had a massage bed, another treadmills with Rampal staring down from huge wall posters".

According to Express, "In the ashram, his pravachan area has a throne that also served as a lift for Rampal, who spoke from the second floor of a white marble structure fortified by glass".

Media reports said that female toilet was not secured as police found condoms, chemicals and CCTV camera installed inside the ladies toilet.

Several reports claimed the women were kept hostage inside the ashram and they became the victim if they raise their voice. They were physically tortured, sexually abused and had to spend miserable life.

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