New IS video shows Kids wielding AK-47, taking Military Training


Melbourne, Nov 24: A new propaganda video released by the Islamic State (IS) shows Kazakhstani children wielding guns and taking part in military training, a report said.

In the video titled, "Race Towards Good", children are shown engaged in Koran study and Arabic language classes before launching into hardcore military training. Flaunting his sophisticated skills with an AK-47, one of the kids is shown rapidly reloading the gun and taking part in target practice, reported

The teacher in the video asks a series of questions about the IS leader Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi and the outfit to a kid who warns that he will be the one to slaughter the non-believers and will be a "mujahid" (God's fighter).

This is the latest in a long series of propaganda videos produced by IS powerful media wing, Al-Hayat.


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