PM Modi appeals J&K People to end Dynastic Politics

Poonch, Nov 28: Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed the Jammu and Kashmir people to end the family politics in the state and give a mandate to the saffron party for inclusive development in the state.

Hitting at dynastic politics, he said, "This family politics is a disease, you must make Jammu and Kashmir free of this family politics."

Addressing a rally at Poonch for second phase of assembly elections, Modi hit out at National Conference and Congress, saying, "If different funds allocated from Delhi for people of Jammu and Kashmir had directly reached your bank accounts, you would have been among richest citizens of nation."

"Did any good happen to you? Was there any change in your life? Where did the money allocated to your welfare go? Who looted it? Who is the looter? Shouldn't they be punished?", he asked the crowd. "If anyone has a right over nation's treasury, It is the people of nation, It is the people of J&K," he said.

Addressing the crowd, he said how no other prime minister had visited the valley since Morarji Bhai Desai. How the region was neglected by the then governments. "It takes only 24 hours to reach here from Delhi, but it took almost 40 years for a PM to come here" he said adding, "The last time, PM Morarji Desai came here. Today, I am fortunate to be here".

Even though, this was his first visit to Poonch as the PM of India, earlier he had visited there region many a time as a common man when he was only the worker of BJP. "This is not my first visit to Poonch. I was a BJP worker once and I have gone around this entire region in buses. I have broken bread, had tea with many families here. But it has taken a Prime Minister of India almost 40 years to come to Poonch", he further said.

Talking about development, he said, "I came here in 2014, will come in 2015 as well, whenever I have come, I have come with a message of development".

Speaking about his commitment to people of J&K, he said, "I am such a "pradhansevak" who is determined to do something for Jammu and Kashmir. Who does not like to celebrate Diwali? I am a "pradhansevak" who shares your sorrows, which is why I did not celebrate the festival of lights."

Once again, Modi congratulated the people of the state for voting in the first phase which was very huge. "No matters, who comes to power, but the voters turnout shows democracy has won in Jammu and Kashmir and democracy is oour biggest strength", he said adding, "Using the power of ballot, the people of Jammu and Kashmir have defeated the people instilling the fear of bullet."

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