Dama blames Speaker for Failure to control House


Bhubaneswar, Dec 01: Excise and Cooperation minister Damodar Rout on Monday took on the government over the impasse in the winter session of the Odisha Assembly by questioning the role of Speaker Niranjan Pujari, who has failed to control the House in the past ten days.

Expressing his concern over the continuous logjam in the House, Rout said, "the Speaker is Supreme in the House. He has enormous power under the Constitution. But it appears as he is unwilling to exercise his constitutional power to bring normalcy to the House".

"This is not a good sign for democracy", he added blaming the government. "It is most unfortunate that the deadlock in the House has continued for so long. The Speaker should take both the treasury benches and the opposition into confidence and find a solution to the impasse in the House after discussing the issue with the two sides", the minister further said.

Rout, who is known for his straight forward attitude, added that all the political parties should cooperate with the Speaker to ensure smooth run of the House.

"Since both the opposition and the ruling parties are not following the proper procedures to present their opinions, the House is witnessing ruckus and disruption", he said.

Reacting to the statement by Rout, Speaker Niranjan Pujari said, "He is much senior to me, I must learn from him."

However, Finance minister Pradip Amat, Pujari's predecessor as Speaker backed him saying, "The Speaker is running the House as per the rules".

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