CPI demands Explanation from BJP on alleged Saradha-Burdwan Blast link


New Delhi, Dec 03: The CPI on Wednesday demanded a clarification from the BJP for the contradiction between its president Amit Shah and the government on his remarks on the Saradha scam and Burdwan blast link in West Bengal.

Earlier in the day, the government had told the Parliament that there was no link between the Burdwan blast and the Saradha scam in West Bengal. However, it contradicted Amit Shah's allegation that money from chit fund scam was used in the Burdwan blast.

"There is a big contradiction between what Amit Shah claimed in West Bengal and what government is saying here in parliament. Why this contradiction? The BJP will have to come clean and explain. Why this contradiction between its own president's comment and its own government's reply to parliament? What are the political reasons for this?" CPI leader D Raja told ANI here.

"Amit Shah must regret... what he has been speaking in West Bengal has been proved wrong. The BJP should behave responsibly and explain things properly to the people," he added.

Shah landed in trouble after he alleged the links between Saradha scam and the blast. During a rally in Kolkata on Sunday, he said that chit fund scam money was used in the blast while targeting the TMC government in West Bengal.

The blast on October 2 in the Burdwan region of West Bengal had killed two people and injured one person. The investigating agencies suspected Bangladeshi militant organisation Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen behind the blast.

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