BJP MP takes U-Turn over Remark on Nathuram Godse


New Delhi, Dec 11: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj on Thursday backtracked from his earlier remark that Nathuram Godse, who was the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, was a nationalist.

Following the uproar in Rajya Sabha by the Congress over the statement on Godse, Maharaj said that he did not say that Godse was a nationalist and patriot. "If I have said anything by mistake, I withdraw my statement", he said talking to media.

Giving explanation over the celebration of the birth anniversary of Godse as the "Sourya Diwas" in Maharashtra, he said, "If anybody wants to worship Godse, I can not stop him. It is the work of the Central government and the state government to stop it. Bhut I do not see Godse as a nationalist".

The MP from Unnao had dragged the attention of the opposition parties in the House by stating Godse was equally a patriot and nationalist. He should be seen as a traitor.

"I believe Nathuram Godse was also a nationalist and Mahatma Gandhiji also did a lot for the nation. I do not have any detail of what event is being organised. If for some reason he committed a mistake, he was not a traitor", he said earlier today.

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