Bengaluru Man confesses to Handling Twitter Account of IS


Bengaluru, Dec 13: Bengaluru man, who was arrested for his alleged link with the Islamic State following the British channel claim, has confessed to handling the Twitter account of the most dreaded terror group, police said on Saturday.

Mehdi Mehboob Biswas, 24, who works as an Engineer with a multinational company in Bengaluru, was arrested today morning under the provisions of IPC, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and IT Act. During the interrogation, he confessed to operating the twitter account @ShamiWitness and promoting the Jihadi ideology.

"During the day he worked in office and he became active on internet late at night," said Karnataka DGP L Pachau, adding that Biswas had developed interest in the Levant region consisting of countries Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Gaza strip, Egypt and Libya.

He was said to be close to the English speaking terrorists and was promoting their ideas through Twitter account, which has over 17,000 followers and two thirds of whom are fighting for the ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Police said that Biswas translated Arabic tweets to English and pushed it amongst English-speaking people who had inclination towards Jihad. Meanwhile, officials of the National Investigation Agency have arrived in Bengaluru to join investigation.

The hunt for Biswas started yesterday following the UK-based Channel 4 claimed that an executive working with Indian conglomerate in Bengaluru city, handles the Twitter account of the Islamic State. The tweets were posted through his mobile praising the IS and motivating people to join the Jihadi group.

However, earlier, he denied the report in an interview to The Indian Express, an English daily.

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