Agra Religion Conversion: Accused Nand Kishore Balmiki Arrested


Agra, Dec 16: The police on Tuesday arrested Nand Kishore Balmiki, the prime accused in the alleged forced religion conversions that took place in Agra last week.

Earlier, in a bid to nab Balmiki, the police had reportedly carried out raids at the RSS offices in Madhav Bhawanin area and in Jaipur House colony in Agra where he was believed to be hiding.

Last week, around 200 people were reportedly converted to Hinduism in a ceremony in Agra by groups linked to the BJP's ideological mentor RSS.

The Bajrang Dal and the Dharam Jagran Manch, the groups that performed the mass conversions, reportedly claimed that the families were originally Hindus and converted to Islam around 30 years ago.

The issue has led to a continued uproar in the Parliament by the opposition parties who are demanding an explanation from the government.


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