PM Modi attends RS, Opp demands Debate on Conversion Issue


New Delhi, Dec 18: The uproar continued to disrupt the proceedings in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday with the opposition parties demanded a debate on the religion conversion issue and a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Even though, PM Modi was present at the Upper House, nothing mattered to the opposition parties, who repeatedly demanded the discussion under Rule 267.

Rajya Sabha chairman Mohammad Hamid Ansari repeatedly appealed to the parties to allow the discussion on the issue to commence, but the opposition continued to intervene and interrupt on the procedures that are required for the debate. 

Demanding a statement from Modi, Congress leader Anand Sharma said that there was no intention of the Opposition to lower the PM's dignity in the House, but he must reply on the conversion row. However, the BJP members said that the PM will not make any statement in the House as the opposition members did not maintain the discipline.

The opposition parties demanded the Chairman to suspend the question hour and allow the debate on the important matters including the conversion issue. Meanwhile, they also created ruckus.

In Lok Sabha, all the members maintained discipline and the House functioned normally.

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