Four Militants executed in Pakistan after Peshawar School Attack


Islamabad, Dec 22: Pakistan hanged four more terrorists on Sunday since the government lifted a moratorium after the barbaric massacre that claimed the lives of 148 people including 132 innocent kids at an army school attack last week.

However, none of the militants were connected to school attack in Peshawar. Some people alleged that the executions were intended to divert attention from the failure of the government and military force to find the masterminds of the tragedy.

The toll increased to 6 following the execution of four more terrorists after the deadly attack that rocked the soil with the killing of innocent school kids.

Four prisoners were executed at Faisalabad jail for their role in the attack of former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, a senior government official said. Earlier, two others had been hanged at the same jail on Friday.

The four executed prisoners were identified as Rasheed Qureshi, Zubair Ahmad, Ghulam Sarwar and Akhlaque Ahmed, also known as Russi, who he said was Russian.

Sources said more executions are likely in coming days. However, the Taliban group that had carried out the attack on the army school on last Tuesday issued statements promising to stage more attacks around Pakistan in retaliation for the executions of any of their fighters.

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