WikiLeaks reveals Internal CIA docs Showing how to Dupe Airport Security


Washington, Dec 23: WikiLeaks has revealed a pair of confidential CIA documents that brief undercover agents on how to dupe airport security and maintain their cover.

The two documents, both classified as "Secret/NOFORN" meaning not to be shared with allied security agencies, provide a detailed description of tactics used at airports to vet travelers, reported the Verge.

Some information on the documents is also for public knowledge on how to avoid being singled out at airports.

Other tips include specifics of different countries' airport security. For instance, lone western travelers in Japan are singled out often since they could be drug couriers.

A press statement from WikiLeaks described an incident of a CIA agent who was picked up for questioning in European Union when the security staff found traces of explosives in his luggage. The CIA agent gave his cover story and was let go.

Wikeleaks statement said that this example begged the question that why was the officer let go with traces of explosive on him at an EU airport.


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